Your rights, our concern


Zanoise is a Netherlands specialist firm focused on providing tailor-made solutions to the entertainment industry on the management of intellectual properties worldwide.

Industry experience
We have over 25 years hands-on experience dealing with exploitation, administration and rights issues regarding intellectual property, from anything as small as a song to a blockbuster movie.

Deep relations within the media and entertainment sector
We have strong, long-standing relationships with leading entertainment businesses, financiers, accountants and advisors.

Problem solvers
Zanoise provides smart and robust solutions for its clients’ strategic issues based on diligent fact-based analysis.

Our clients include financiers, (instituational) investors, rights holders, (business)managers, rights management firms and producers.

Behind the scenes

Music industry expert

Ernst Jacob Bakker

Managing Director

Having 25+ year of experience in managing intellectual property rights worldwide (music publishing, neighbouring rights and film/TV rights) Ernst thrives in translating strategy into concrete actions. Big picture thinking can be great and inspiring but at the end of the day what you create should be fit-for-purpose. On the way Ernst connects people and disciplines, always trying to find the balance between creativity and order, flexibility and control that suits our clients best.

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Strategic advice

Zanoise helps you to bridge the gap between vision and action. Together we get absolute clarity on strategic objectives, together we set goals and define concrete action plans.

Rights management

We help to get a clear picture of your rights management needs so that you get the set-up that fits like a bespoke suit. Dependent on your needs, we can even set up your own rights management business for you and procure the manpower to run it.

Administration services

Having many years of hands-on experience with rights administration, Zanoise is well positioned to handle the more mundane aspects of your work in strict accordance with the guidelines and requirements set out by you.

Due diligence

By performing a thorough operational due diligence, we will be able to give you meaningful insight into the dynamics and mechanics of the company you want to merge or acquire. With respect to the ICT functions (infrastructure, applications and data management) we work together with external specialists.

Post M&A

Zanoise can help you shaping the integration of acquired target companies in such manner that it happens in the way best suited to the situation. If you wish, we can also act as the project manager for the entire integration project.