Strategic advice

Sometimes a company is very well able to define a very sensible new strategy but then somehow has difficulty translating strategy into concrete actions. There may be various reasons for this. The strategy, sound though it may be, is perhaps not formulated in a clear enough way, middle-management may not be used to dealing with matters which go beyond daily operations. Another possibility: the people within the organization may not have been prepared for strategy changes, can’t see the relevance of the strategy for their work, or their minds may be too full of other things (e.g. dysfunctional tools preventing them from doing their work in a timely fashion). In such a situation there is need for someone bridging the gap between strategy and execution. This starts by spending some time at the drawing table together with you. What is forcing your company to change the strategy. How does the strategy relate to your core values. In your view, what are the critical factors on the way towards change. How much time do you allow the company to implement the new strategy etcetera.